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Barbie Dolls

Many of the dolls in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. 35th Anniversary Barbie Blonde

    Anniversary Dolls 1993

    35th Anniversary Barbie Blonde

    $50.00 CND

    Stock Photo.

    Great Box

  2. 40th Anniversary Bumblebee Gala Barbie

    40th Anniversary Bumblebee Gala Barbie

    $50.00 CND

    1999 Anniversary Collection

    Beautiful golden bumblebee on Barbie® doll's shoulder serves as a reminder that anything is possible.

    Excellent box

  3. 40th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty

    40th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty

    $60.00 CND

    Mattel/Disney Signature Collection 1998

    Box is good

  4. 50th Anniversary Barbie

    Anniversary Dolls 2009

    50th Anniversary Barbie

    $50.00 CND

    Stock Photo.Box is excellent

    Anniversary Dolls 2009

  5. A Flower in Fashion - The Iris

    Flowers in Fashion Collection 2002

    A Flower in Fashion - The Iris

    $45.00 CND

    Flowers in Fashion Collection 2002.

    Stock Photo. Box is good.

  6. All That Glitters Barbie

    Diva Collection 2002

    All That Glitters Barbie

    $50.00 CND

    Stock photo.

    Good Box

  7. Athena Barbie

    Barbie Collector Mattel Exclusive 2010

    Athena Barbie

    $700.00 CND

    Stock Photo.

    Box has minor wear from storage

  8. Barbie 2003 (Blonde)

    Special Occasions 2003

    Barbie 2003 (Blonde)

    $45.00 CND

    Special Occasion Collection 2003

    Stock Photo.

    Good box

  9. Barbie as Dorothy (Talking)

    Mattel 1999

    Barbie as Dorothy (Talking)

    $25.00 CND

    She says "There's no place like home" and her ruby slippers light up.

    Box is not perfect


  10. Brunette Brilliance Barbie

    Brunette Brilliance Barbie

    $180.00 CND

    Bob Mackie Collection 2003
    Stock Photo. Excellent box.