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Barbie Dolls

Many of the dolls in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Barbie Boutique Doll

    Barbie Boutique Doll

    $5.00 CND

    Very pretty doll in a striped knit dress. And ribbon belt with Barbie Logo buckle.
    Great Box

  2. Crystal Splendor Barbie

    Crystal Splendor Barbie

    $8.00 CND

    Special Edition 1995

    Box has a lot of wear.

  3. Dr Barbie 1993

    Dr Barbie 1993

    $15.00 CND

    Box has wear and a few dings on the acetate. Still fine for display. 
    Includes stethoscope that makes the sound of the baby’s heartbeat and stick-on bandaids.

  4. Happy Birthday Barbie 2003 Kelly Club

    Happy Birthday Barbie 2003 Kelly Club

    $15.00 CND

    Very pretty doll with a sweet gown and paper balloons. Back of box shows coordinating Kelly Club dolls.Includes a tiara for a little girl to wear.
    Box has some wear.

  5. Happy Holidays 1997 Brunette

    Holiday Collection 1997

    Happy Holidays 1997 Brunette

    $15.00 CND

    Box has just a little wear.


    Barbie® doll is a true image of royal splendor in holiday red, snowy white and glittering gold with a golden tiara adorned with six ruby-colored gemstones. Festive accents include a jeweled choker and earrings.

  6. Happy Holidays 1998

    Holiday Collection 1998

    Happy Holidays 1998

    $18.00 CND

    Stock Photo.

    Box has  a little wear.


    1998 Happy Holidays® Barbie® doll presents her sophistication and elegance dressed in a holiday theme gown in rich black velvety fabric with exquisite silver glitter accents - she is truly something special as the only doll in the series to wear black. A pink cape and jeweled tiara accent this stunning ensemble. As a bonus, this doll carries the distinction of the being the first in the Happy Holidays series to wear her hair styled in an elegant upsweep.

  7. Hilary Duff Red Carpet Doll

    Hilary Duff Red Carpet Doll

    $20.00 CND

    Fabulous doll with amazing accessories; Award Statue, Rope & Stanchions, Cell Phone, Make-up, Tiara, Movie Reel Photos, Actual Pic of Hilary, Tickets, Program and Bracelet.
    Awesome accessories for your dioramas!
    Box has some wear. (Missing little purple stone from front of box.)

  8. Holiday Celebration 2000 Barbie

    Holiday Collection 2000

    Holiday Celebration 2000 Barbie

    $15.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $18.00

    Stock Photo. Good Box with only a little wear.

  9. Holiday Celebration Barbie 2001

    Holiday Celebration Barbie 2001

    $18.00 CND

    Stock photo.

    Box has just a little wear.

  10. Holiday Celebration Barbie 2002

    Holiday Celebration Barbie 2002

    $18.00 CND

    Stock Photo.

    Great box with just a tiny bit of wear.