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Gene (Mel Odom)

  1. Rendez-Vous Fashion on PR Gene Doll

    Rendez-Vous Fashion on PR Gene Doll

    $185.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $235.00

    Fall 2007 Gene Fashion by Integrity Toys.
    LE 250.  #92033.
    A very special offering! This is the actual doll used in the PR photo for the Rendezvous fashion. The doll was styled by Integrity for the photo shoot (doll was not available for sale).
    The original owner won this doll (in a raffle I think) but it is missing the purse and tennis bracelet.

  2. Trent Papers

    Trent Papers

    $2.00 CND

    Story Pamphlets, Certificates of Authenticity and hanging wrist cards for Royal Military and Playing the Ponies Trent Fashions.

  3. Microphone (Violet Waters)

    Microphone (Violet Waters)

    $20.00 CND

    2001 Gene Collection by Mel Odom (Ashton Drake Galleries).
    Microphone from Violet Waters Doll set.
    Approx 10 1/4” tall.

  4. Oven Mitts (16" Dolls)

    Oven Mitts (16

    $4.00 CND

    Adorable oven mitt for Tyler, Gene or similar sized dolls.
    Pink on one side, yellow with red hearts and cherry pattern on the other side.