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2018 Integrity

  1. Turquoise Sparkler Evelyn Doll

    The East 59th Collection 2018

    Turquoise Sparkler Evelyn Doll

    $182.00 CND

    Approx. Ship Date: September

    Edition Size: 500

    10% Deposit Required


    Head Sculpt: Evelyn Weaverton

    Body Type: E59 1.0

    Foot Sculpt: High-heeled

    Skin Tone: FR White

    Hair Color: Raven

    Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied

    Quickswitch: No

  2. World At Her Feet Poppy Parker Doll

    City Sweetheart Collection 2018

    World At Her Feet Poppy Parker Doll

    $182.00 CND

    Approx. Ship Date: Mid-September (date subject to change)

    Edition Size: 900

    10% deposit required

    No sooner did Poppy Parker land at JFK after her first European tour, that the word that she was back in town spread like wildfire! Major American designers of the time did everything they could to outbid one another, each offering Poppy more glamorous, ultra-tempting contracts, all having high hopes of adding her youthful looks to their latest ad campaigns. Everyone wanted a little "Poppy Parker Star Power" on their side, knowing full well that everything the teen idol touched turned into an immediate success! Poppy definitely had the world at her feet!