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Integrity Secondary Market

Dolls in the “Secondary Market” section come from a variety of sources, so please read descriptions carefully. Dolls in this section could be limited inventory that we’ve discovered in our warehouse, inventory purchased from another retailer or at a special event or dolls that we have purchased from a Collector.

  1. Fashion Currency on Paradise Veronique

    Fashion Currency on Paradise Veronique

    $145.00 CND

    LE 1000. 2003
    Fashion has been removed from box and is dressed on a Paradise Veronique doll.
    Mint and complete. Some pieces are still factory attached to box liner.

  2. RuPaul Work Out Doll

    Jason Wu & Integrity Toys 2005

    RuPaul Work Out Doll

    $89.00 CND

    By Jason Wu & Integrity Toys! Stock Photo. Great Box.

    RuPaul knows better than anyone how to work it. This sassy workout get up does just that and more! She's definitely ready to make you sweat for success! 13" tall.

  3. Glamazon RuPaul Doll (Blonde)

    Integrity Toys/Jason Wu

    Glamazon RuPaul Doll (Blonde)

    $89.00 CND

    Integrity Toys/Jason Wu. Stock Photo. Great Box.

    The Return of The Queen! Celebrating the sizzling new CD "RuPaul Red Hot," the icon wears a sexy black mesh and tulle corset top with a sleek pair of distressed denim jeans with oversized hoops and a multi-chain necklace that puts this look over the top! (Microphone not included) 13” tall.

  4. Glamazon RuMix RuPaul (Brunette)

    Integrity Toys/Jason Wu

    Glamazon RuMix RuPaul (Brunette)

    $89.00 CND

    Integrity Toys/Jason Wu. Stock Photo. Great Box.

    Ready for an encore? By popular demand, the RuMix is the doll you all requested! Based on RuPaul’s latest album cover, no collection will be complete without this sexy raven haired bombshell! 13” tall.

  5. Air Apparent Veronique Convention Doll

    Air Apparent Veronique Convention Doll

    $189.00 CND

    Jet Set Convention Official Souvenir Doll 2011

    LE 450

    Mint with shipper