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Integrity Secondary Market

Dolls in the “Secondary Market” section come from a variety of sources, so please read descriptions carefully. Dolls in this section could be limited inventory that we’ve discovered in our warehouse, inventory purchased from another retailer or at a special event or dolls that we have purchased from a Collector.

  1. Glam Zone Alysa (red dress) Convention Doll

    Glam Zone Alysa (red dress) Convention Doll

    $45.00 CND

    2008 The Heist Convention Sales Room Exclusive

    This doll was factory sealed but didn’t come with shoes. We removed the doll from her ‘Baggie” packaging to photograph and then carefully packaged if back up.

  2. Erin YRB Model Behavior Doll - Nude

    Erin YRB Model Behavior Doll - Nude

    $89.00 CND

    MODEL BEHAVIOR ~ YRB (Young, Rich and Beautiful)

    ERIN S. Doll. Integrity Toys 2006

    This is ‘baggie’ doll purchased at a convention. We have open the package (plastic bag) to photograph. Torso has darkened. Note, this doll has a cool tattoo on her back.

  3. Exotic Fire Veronique Doll

    Exotic Fire Veronique Doll

    $99.00 CND

    Exotic Fusion Collection 2005

    Includes white shipper box.

    Torso has darkened.

    Monogram tissue has been removed.

  4. Skin Is In Kyori Doll

    Skin Is In Kyori Doll

    $125.00 CND

    Exotic Fusion Close-Up Collection 2005

    Torso has darkened.

    Includes white shipper box.  Insider paper box liner has been removed.