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Barbie Dolls

Many of the dolls in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Waitress Barbie Silkstone

    Barbie Fashion Model Collection 2006

    Waitress Barbie Silkstone

    $225.00 CND


    Stock Photo. Excellent Box. NRFB

    Originally sold only in the US.

  2. Open Road Vintage Reproduction

    Open Road Vintage Reproduction

    $225.00 CND


    Stock Photo, Good Box, NRFB

    Comes with Shipper

  3. On Peachtree Street The Drapery Dress

    On Peachtree Street The Drapery Dress

    $80.00 CND


    Stock Photo

    Box has a ding in the acetate top right corner front

  4. DOW Big Ben Barbie

    Dolls of the World 2010

    DOW Big Ben Barbie

    $75.00 CND


    Stock Photo

    Acrylic Box is great

  5. Soccer Barbie-FIFA World Cup

    Soccer Barbie-FIFA World Cup

    $12.00 CND


    Box has some wear

  6. Hollywood Hostess Barbie BFMC

    Hollywood Hostess Barbie BFMC

    $300.00 CND


    Stock Photo.  Box is good NRFB

  7. Cleopatra Barbie

    Cleopatra Barbie

    $400.00 CND


    Box has some rubs from storage

    Stock Photo

  8. Ken as the Tin Man

    Ken as the Tin Man

    $35.00 CND


    Stock Photo

  9. Classic Grace Porcelain

    Classic Grace Porcelain

    $290.00 CND


    Excellent box

    Stock Photo

  10. Shrek Barbie Playline 2005

    Shrek Barbie Playline 2005

    $20.00 CND


    Some box rubs