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DDC Shoe Pak (10 Pairs)

DDC Shoe Pak (10 Pairs)

DDC Shoe Pak (10 Pairs)

1 pair Black Pumps (Spikes)

1 pair Black Slingback

4 pair Purple Pumps (Spikes)

3 pairs Purple Slingback

1 pair White Pumps (Spikes)

Dressmaker Details Couture  Shoes – high quality produced by Integrity Toys

Designed (circa 2004) with Fashion Royalty, Vintage Barbie and Silkstone dolls in mind.

The Slingback (BRMC replica) shoes are molded with a left and right fitting.

The Closed Toed Pumps are replicas of vintage Barbie’s “Spikes”.

*The white “spike’ pumps are slightly off in color but not enough that they can’t be used in display. Perfect to use as a base in creating your own shoe design.

  • USD Sale: $10.00 USD Price: $15.00
  • CND Sale: $12.50 CND Price: $18.00

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