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Mega Button Pak (648)

Mega Button Pak (648)

Mega Button Pak (648)

648 Dressmaker Details Couture ‘Vintage Barbie’ replica buttons in a multitude of different colors and shades! (4mm)

28 paks (12 buttons per pak) of the Flat style.

26 paks (12 buttons per pak) of the Shank style. 

Total count 648 buttons.

Original Barbie buttons were small enough to look in scale, but large enough for little hands to use them. Therefore, while these buttons are ideal for 12” dolls, they are actually perfect for larges dolls such as 16” Gene, Tyler and BJD’s.

Fabulous for plush animals, scrapbooking, card making and other crafty adventures.


Note: We can ship in a bubble envelope ($3 Canada/$4 USA/$8 overseas)

  • USD Sale: $8.00 USD Price: $16.00
  • CND Sale: $10.00 CND Price: $20.00

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