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  1. Flocking Gray

    Flocking  Gray

    $5.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $7.50

     All you'll need is clear drying craft glue and a paint brush. There is enough flocking in the container to do a number of dolls. Perfect for full head restoration, spot restoration, mustaches, sideburns, etc. 


    Make sure that the head, or area to be flocked, is clean.

    Using a fine paintbrush, paint ‘Clear Drying Craft Glue” to the area you want to flock.

    Holding the head over a bowl, gently pour flocking evenly onto the glued area. Or you can pour the flocking onto a small plate or bowl and gently roll the head into the flocking.

    Gently tap the head to ensure that the loose flocking is removed.

    Pour excess/unused flocking back into the container for future use.




    $0.00 CND

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