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Integrity/Jason Wu

Always reaching for the next level, Integrity Toys designs, produces and markets a variety of dolls and related accessories, with a specialization in high-end fashion dolls.  Founded in 1995 by Mr. Percy Newsum, Integrity Toys' extensive experience and capabilities in the field of doll making allows us to create products and programs for many of the world’s best-known retailers, consumer products companies, celebrities and other intellectual property holders. 

The Fashion Royalty brand was conceived and created by designer Jason Wu in 2000. With a spectacular splash created by its introduction at Toy Fair 2001, the Fashion Royalty collection redefined the industry’s quality standards and put new meaning into the expression “high fashion collectible doll.” From ultra-limited production numbers and the minute details of their couture-quality garments, Fashion Royalty has made its way into the collections of even the most discriminating doll collectors. The Fashion Royalty brand launched Integrity Toys into super star status in the doll world and laid the groundwork for the birth of future lines. Jason, now a world renowned New York Fashion Designer is probably best know for designing Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gowns not just once, but twice!

Integrity currently produces high-end fashion dolls ranging in size from approximately 12 inches to 16 inches tall, under a number of brands, including Fashion Royalty, the Dynamite Girls, Poppy Parker and the Brides of Dracula, among others.   The Company’s products typically retail from $50 to $250 each, with most of the products retailing in the $130-150 range.  Integrity products are known for their superior engineering, high-end aesthetics and of course, fashionable, detailed.

Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran of doll collecting, Integrity Toys dolls are for you!

  1. Shimmering Dynasty Katy Keene

    Katy Keene Collection 2015

    Shimmering Dynasty Katy Keene

    $90.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $145.00

    Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls

  2. Zine Queen Binx Barone™ Dressed Doll

    The Industry™ 2017

    Zine Queen Binx Barone™ Dressed Doll

    $88.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $125.00


    Edition Size: 600 Dolls Worldwide

    Binx Barone™ is a fully articulated 12.5 inch doll with fully rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. Elegant and sophisticated like any lady in her important position,  Binx Barone means business dressed in her long jacquard print overcoat and super high-fashion, intricately constructed cocktail dress, perfectly accessorized with the latest jewelry, black purse, cat-eyed glasses, socks and shoes. BINX takes note of every little detail that she sees on her golden tablet, ready to send her notes to her assistant, who will report on the latest looks of Tate Tanaka's first fashion show! For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This doll cannot stand alone; a doll stand is included.

  3. Hauntingly Lovely Ayumi Nakamura Close-Up Doll

    The Heirloom Collection The 2017 NU. Face™ Collection

    Hauntingly Lovely Ayumi Nakamura Close-Up Doll

    $162.00 CND

    Edition Size: 825
    Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017

    10% deposit required


    Ayumi is a 12.5 inch articulated fashion doll with rooted hair. She comes dressed in a luscious lingerie set, coupled with a delicious little knitted cardigan that features perfectly scaled petals all over the sleeves. Ayumi comes complete

  4. Sophistiquée Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll

    Sophistiquée Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll

    $196.00 CND

    Edition Size: 825

    This stunning Vanessa Perrin doll is a fully articulated doll with rooted hair. Dressed to accompany Adèle Makéda and her cousin Eugenia on a trip to the French Riviera, Vanessa wears an ultra-modern look, composed of an intricately detailed blouse with long criss-cross ties on the sleeves and a sheer black lace skirt. Since it can get chilly at night, she took along her favorite faux-fur shoulder wrap, which incidentally happens to be one of her favorite fashion pieces! For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. This doll cannot stand alone; a doll stand is included.