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Vintage Cases, Structures & Misc

  1. Olympic Gymnast Set 1974

    Olympic Gymnast Set 1974

    $15.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $35.00

    #7240. 1974.
    Canadian version.
    Complete PLUS the Barbie’s Balance Beam!
    The white “Floor Mat” Olympic sticker has some wear, otherwise everything is excellent and complete. Box has a bit of wear.

  2. Susy Goose Barbie Wardrobe BOX

    Susy Goose Barbie Wardrobe BOX

    $7.50 CND
    Sale Price Price: $15.00

    #1463. 1962.
    Box for Barbie’s Suzy Goose Wardrobe. This box is from Canada and is labeled “The Dee & Cee Barbie Wardrobe”. The wardrobe inside however was the Susy Goose product with the Susy Goose name in the plastic mold (same as the US version).

    Front Bottom of Box : “Made in Canada by dee & cee toy co. limited. A Division of Mattel Inc. Under License to Kiddie Brush and Toy C. Jonesville, Mich.

    Bottom of Box: St. Mary’s ON

    Box has a little wear but the front looks fabulous (great for display). There is what looks like dark brown glue streaks, on the back.