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Vintage Items

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  1. Busy Barbie

    Busy Barbie

    $35.00 CND

    Face – Beautiful, but there a light surface scratch on her jaw (not bad at all, but I have to mention it).
    Hair – Perfect.
    Body - Legs have darkened to a “Malibu” color. Thumb on one hand doesn’t stay open but can still hold things. Small (just over ¼”) vinyl tear behind one knee. Each arm has 2 blue spots.

  2. Miss America Walk Lively Doll

    Miss America Walk Lively Doll

    $30.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $45.00

    Doll as shown, no box.
    Hair isn’t too bad but it does need a little work to make it beautiful.
    Fabulous face. Feet have chew marks and a small split – otherwise body is great.
    Fashion – okay condition – dress, sash, cape, shoes and bouquet.

  3. Open Toed Shoes - Red

    Barbie & Friends

    Open Toed Shoes -  Red

    $9.00 CND

    One shoe has a bent heel.

  4. Open Toed Shoes - Hot Pink

    Open Toed Shoes - Hot Pink

    $12.00 CND

    Barbie's classic mules in hot pink!

  5. PJ, Talking Nude

    PJ, Talking Nude

    $25.00 CND

    Huge, Thick, Super Dark Lashes! Fabulous face except for a tiny tiny lip rub and there is small circle between her brows of something clear. I don’t know what the circle is and it’s not that noticeable – looks like dried hair spray or light clear adhesive.  Hair has been retied. Body has a few issues – one leg is off and needs to be glued back on and the talker string is missing. As you can see from the photo, this actually a very pretty doll, despite the description and she would be a lovely addition for showing off your collection’s PJ or Mod fashions.

  6. Socks - Pink Knee SINGLE

    Socks - Pink Knee SINGLE

    $5.00 CND

    Excellent single pink knee sock for Skipper’s School Days #1907, Circa 1964, fashion.

  7. Sophisticated Lady - 2 pc

    Sophisticated Lady - 2 pc

    $20.00 CND

    #993 circa 1963.
    Dress & Cape.

    Both pieces are in great condition – bright and crisp but they are a bit wrinkled from storage. There is a stain on the bottom of the back of the cape but otherwise the fabric is pretty clean.  2 of the thread loops on the jacket need to be replaced (only one button will has the loop closure.)

  8. Slippers for Terry Togs

    Slippers for Terry Togs

    $5.00 CND

    Very Good  terry slippers for Ken's "Terry Togs" Fashion.

    #784. Circa 1961-1964.

  9. Vintage Hand-Made Fashions

    Vintage Hand-Made Fashions

    $5.00 CND

    Vintage hand-made 60’s hippy fashions. Fits both Francie and Skipper dolls. Well made and so era perfect.

  10. Skipper TNT Brunette (A)

    Skipper TNT Brunette (A)

    $35.00 CND

    Cute face with fabulous face paint but is missing most of her lashes.
    Hair looks okay but a couple of hair plugs are thin. Still has some curl in the pigtails but ends of the hair could use some re-curl.
    One knee is broken with a small tear in vinyl. A couple of pin prints on legs. Otherwise nice.