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Dressed to Chill Tenzin Dahkling

Dressed to Chill Tenzin Dahkling

Dressed to Chill Tenzin Dahkling



Dressed to Chill

Tenzin Dahkling™ Fashion Figure

The Monarchs™ Homme Collection

  • USD Sale: $110.00 USD Price: $176.00
  • CND Sale: $148.00 CND Price: $236.00
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Product Details

The Story:

Celebrity trainer and prize winning mixed martial arts athlete, Tenzin made his fortune doing TV appearances, promoting a healthy lifestyle that involved lots of exercise and a proper diet. With his killer body and smile, Tenzin has a legion of fans who follow his teachings and unique fashion sense almost religiously!


  • Latest generation 12.5" / 1:6 scale fully articulated male body that can be taken apart, featuring removable hands and feet for easy dressing;
  • 2 additional alternate pairs of hands (not shown);
  • Combination rooted and flocked hairstyle (with special "shaved" details on the sides);
  • Meticulously crafted, multi-layered outfit composed of an intricate faux-leather jacket with contrasting yoke and collar, Japanese-inspired hakama multi-layered pants, and two layered t-shirts creating a transparency effect;
  • "Monarchs" branded sock boots;
  • Dark grey wayfarer sunglasses;
  • Stud earrings and two rings;
  • Oversized faux-leather gym bag with removable shoulder strap;
  • Figure stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.