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Accessories for dolls & dioramas

  1. Glasses - Barbie Sunglases (4)

    Glasses - Barbie Sunglases (4)

    $2.00 CND

    Glasses - Barbie Sunglases (4)

  2. Spoons (3)

    Spoons (3)

    $0.50 CND

    3 Barbie-scale plastic spoons.

  3. Popcorn Theatre Box

    Popcorn Theatre Box

    $1.00 CND

    Large “Box of Theatre Popcorn”.
    Perfect for customizing with your own label (or paint).

  4. Goal Nets

    Goal Nets

    $5.00 CND

    Barbie scale goal nets – these are actually soccer nets but could also be used in your winter hockey dioramas. Includes 2 nets.

  5. Necklace Rhinestone Fire-Gold

    Necklace Rhinestone Fire-Gold

    $5.50 CND

    Fire-gold colored rhinestone necklace. Fits long on Barbie sized dolls, short on larger dolls like Tyler or Gene. (This necklace was either Tonner or Ashton Drake Gene.)

  6. Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    $4.50 CND

    Double strand beaded necklace with 2 gold ‘diamond’ studded accent bands.
    Fits Barbie and similar sized dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)

  7. Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    $5.00 CND

    Double strand of sparkling crystal-like beads with 3 ‘pearls’ in the front.
    Fits Barbie or Tyler type dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)

  8. Happy Family Midge ACCESSORIES

    Happy Family Midge ACCESSORIES

    $10.00 CND

    The accessories from Happy Family (pregnant) Midge.
    3-in-1 crib, table, cradle and lots of other things that a newborn needs. Also includes, crib blanket, baby monitor, baby bottle and baby bottle warmer, baby wipe box with baby wipes, baby powder bottle, shampoo bottle, rattle and bear. Plus Family Pamphlet and cardboard cut-outs.

  9. Perfume Bottle Doll Scale

    Perfume Bottle Doll Scale

    $4.50 CND

    Three miniature faux perfume bottles. Will work with either Barbie or Tyler sized dolls.

  10. Jam 'n Glam Barbie CD Case

    Jam 'n Glam  Barbie CD Case

    $3.00 CND

    Too cute! CD Case from Jam ‘n Glam Barbie. Opens and closes. Picture of the 3 Jam ‘n Glam dolls on front.