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Barbie & Secondary Market Dolls

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Barbie Grooming Accessories (04)

    Barbie Grooming Accessories (04)

    $4.50 CND

    This pack includes those odds ‘n ends grooming essentials: Tooth brush, Back brush scrubber, Scissors, Soap, Brush and Comb.

  2. Barbie Baby Accessories (05)

    Barbie Baby Accessories (05)

    $1.00 CND

    Includes Baby Bottle, Soap and 3 Lotion Bottles.

  3. Barbie Cosmetics Pack (06)

    Barbie Cosmetics Pack (06)

    $5.50 CND

    Everything Barbie needs at her dressing table: 2 Lipstick, 1 Mascara, 5 ‘perfume’ bottles, 5 ‘lotion’ bottles and a framed picture of Ken.

  4. Beat Street Fashion C4003

    Beat Street Fashion C4003

    $10.00 CND

    Beat Street Barbie Fashion 2003
    Purple ‘satin’ and denim set.

  5. Barbie Green Accessories

    Barbie Green Accessories

    $2.00 CND

    A mix of old and new! Vintage style transistor radio and phone. Plus newer styled walkman with headphone and sunglasses.

  6. Barbie Binoculars

    Barbie Binoculars

    $0.50 CND

    Vintage style Barbie Binoculars.

  7. Microphone (Hand Held) Set (4)

    Microphone (Hand Held) Set (4)

    $3.00 CND

    Includes 4 Barbie scale hand held microphones in a variety of colors (as shown).

  8. Purse Set 09

    Purse Set 09

    $4.00 CND

    Includes 4 Barbie purses as shown; Green vinyl, yellow hard plastic, hounds tooth cloth, plastic gold/black.

  9. Purse Set 10

    Purse Set 10

    $4.00 CND

    Includes 4 Barbie purses as shown; Hot Pink cloth, blue floral cloth, hard plastic blue and hard plastic purple.

  10. Purse Set 13

    Purse Set 13

    $4.00 CND

    Includes 4 Barbie purses as shown; 2 vinyl My Scene bags, 1 plastic heart shaped and 1 green with pink bag.