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Barbie Fashions & Accessories

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Barbie Fashion Pack Two

    Barbie Fashion Pack Two

    $10.00 CND

    Mix ‘n Match gently used fashion pieces for Barbie;
    5 tops
    3 pants
    2 skirts
    1 dress
    1 swimsuit
    2 purses
    3 pairs of shoes
    1 hanger

  2. Fashion Fever Hat Set H0887

    Fashion Fever Hat Set H0887

    $10.00 CND

    Fashion Fever 2004
    Beige/green/brown newsboy cap on white mannequin head stand plus matching scarf and purse.
    Excellent box.

  3. Fashion Pak 125

    Fashion Pak 125

    $10.00 CND

    As shown, no box. Gently used.
    We call this the Happy Family pak as many of the pieces are either from one of the Happy Family dolls (including the Grandma) or look like they could be. Includes Midge’s maternity lilac/pink smock top, blue gingham blouse and matching pants. Also includes a complete fashion with jeans, pink top, striped blouse and floral hat. Additional pieces include 2 tops, shorts, 2 vests, long shorts, denim jackets, panties, 2 pairs shoes and carry-all bag.

  4. My Scene Jammin' In Jamaica Accessory Set (3)

    My Scene Jammin' In Jamaica Accessory Set (3)

    $21.00 CND

    My Scene Jammin’ In Jamaica Collection 2003

    Three individual boxed set. Includes numerous summer vacation & party accessories for My Scene dolls but also suitable for Barbie, Ken and similar sized dolls. Includes items such as a surf board, microphone on stand, cell phones, beach bag, picnic basket, water melon slices, towel frisbee, drinks, sunglasses, pizza box, boom box, bull horn and much more.

  5. Skipper Fashion Pack - Dresses

    Skipper Fashion Pack - Dresses

    $9.50 CND

    2 shiny dresses on cardboard hangers, fuzzy jacket and 2 pairs of shoes for Skipper. (one pink shoe a pink damaged)

  6. Skipper Fashion Pak Four

    Skipper Fashion Pak Four

    $8.50 CND

    Gently used Skipper & fashion pieces;
    Apron with recipe card in pocket
    3 skirts
    2 tops

  7. Skull Cap and Socks

    Skull Cap and Socks

    $4.50 CND

    Black Skull cap and olive green socks.
    Fits Ricky doll perfectly.
    Never used.

  8. Best Buy One-Pc PJ’s with Feet (Barbie)

    Best Buy One-Pc PJ’s with Feet (Barbie)

    $5.00 CND

    #7203 Circa 1975

    Excellent and complete.

    A few stitches missing on the waist and a few marks on the back, otherwise great.. Such a cute fashion.

  9. Good Sports Fashion

    Good Sports Fashion

    $20.00 CND

    #3351 Circa 1972

    Excellent with replacement running shoes. Includes rose colored sunglasses and hard to find belt.