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Fashions & Fashion Accessories

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. California Girl Barbie & Ken Fashion Set C7209

    California Girl Barbie & Ken Fashion Set C7209

    $18.00 CND


    This multi fashion pack includes a complete fashion for Barbie and a complete fashion for Ken.

    Good box.


  2. Necklace Rhinestone Fire-Gold

    Necklace Rhinestone Fire-Gold

    $5.50 CND

    Fire-gold colored rhinestone necklace. Fits long on Barbie sized dolls, short on larger dolls like Tyler or Gene. (This necklace was either Tonner or Ashton Drake Gene.)

  3. Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    $4.50 CND

    Double strand beaded necklace with 2 gold ‘diamond’ studded accent bands.
    Fits Barbie and similar sized dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)

  4. Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    $5.00 CND

    Double strand of sparkling crystal-like beads with 3 ‘pearls’ in the front.
    Fits Barbie or Tyler type dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)

  5. Fashion Fever Hat Set H0887

    Fashion Fever Hat Set H0887

    $10.00 CND

    Fashion Fever 2004
    Beige/green/brown newsboy cap on white mannequin head stand plus matching scarf and purse.
    Excellent box.

  6. Barbie Beat Street Fashion B8238

    Barbie Beat Street Fashion B8238

    $15.00 CND

    Hip Halter denim and knit dress with “Barbie 15” in silver on front. Includes denim purse and really super funky shoes.
    Good Box.

  7. Misc Travel Accessories

    Misc Travel Accessories

    $3.50 CND

    Includes mauve shoes, purple ‘mirrored’ glasses, travel “book” and 2 champagne glasses (for cocktails on the plane!).

  8. Skull Cap and Socks

    Skull Cap and Socks

    $4.50 CND

    Black Skull cap and olive green socks.
    Fits Ricky doll perfectly.
    Never used.

  9. Barbie Fashion Pack Two

    Barbie Fashion Pack Two

    $10.00 CND

    Mix ‘n Match gently used fashion pieces for Barbie;
    5 tops
    3 pants
    2 skirts
    1 dress
    1 swimsuit
    2 purses
    3 pairs of shoes
    1 hanger

  10. Skipper Fashion Pack - Dresses

    Skipper Fashion Pack - Dresses

    $9.50 CND

    2 shiny dresses on cardboard hangers, fuzzy jacket and 2 pairs of shoes for Skipper. (one pink shoe a pink damaged)