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Barbie & Secondary Market Dolls

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Hallmark Wedding Day Gifset Ornament


    Hallmark Wedding Day Gifset Ornament

    $18.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $35.00

    Includes reproductions of the 60's Bride Barbie and Groom Ken.

  2. The Babysitters Club – Kristy Thomas Doll

    The Babysitters Club – Kristy Thomas Doll

    $5.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $10.00

    Approximately 14inches tall, strung vinyl doll.

    Marked 1993 Scholastic Inc.

    Doll appears to be in good condition, no major problems.

    Includes doll with original tee-shirt and shorts. Shirts could use a wash. Includes whistle, still attached to shirt.

    Missing blue shirt, socks and shoes.

    Hair no longer in ponytail, but looks nice.

  3. Holiday Celebration 2000 Barbie

    Holiday Collection 2000

    Holiday Celebration 2000 Barbie

    $18.00 CND

    Stock Photo. Good Box.

  4. Barbie Watch – Bradley Time/Mattel 1971

    Barbie Watch – Bradley Time/Mattel 1971

    $25.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $35.00

    Swiss made watch in original case, circa 1971.

    Made by ‘Bradley Time” for Mattel.

    Features the sweetest graphic of a blonde Barbie with a blue head band on the face of the watch. Denim strap with leather detail patch.

    The watch looks great but it doesn’t seem to ‘wind’ any more. I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s broken.

    Original case is missing the cardboard product advertising.

    This set would have included 2 additional straps (missing).

    There is some yellowing on the top of the blue case, which I suspect is glue residue.

  5. GI Joe Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Commemorative Watch Fossil

    GI Joe Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Commemorative Watch Fossil

    $49.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $85.00

    Mint, never worn.

    Limited Edition and numbered. Circa 1994.

    Fossil watch featuring military-inspired dial graphics and GI Joe logo on the dial a Fossil-made 2.25" tall metal GI Joe figure standing on "GI Joe 30th Anniversary" base.  Packaged in a wooden military clothes box with leather hinge.

    Cardboard box is army green with “Fossil” on the front, and Hasbro 1994 on the side.

    Includes original Fossil CAO, registration card and price tag.
    #LI-1047 and numbered 01061 out of 15,000.
    Original cost was $85.00

  6. Twirly Curls Barbie AA

    Twirly Curls Barbie AA

    $45.00 CND

    Circa 1982.

    Small tear on top corner.

  7. Doctor Ken

    Doctor Ken

    $25.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $35.00

    1987, Box has wear.

  8. Glamour Gals Showplace Collector's Case

    Glamour Gals Showplace Collector's Case

    $5.00 CND
    Sale Price Price: $10.00

    1981 by Kenner, Toronto Ontario. "Boutique-styled carrying case with revolving door and space inside for 16 Glamour Gals dolls”. Includes the doll indemnification labels, unused and still on sheet. The stick-on graphics for the outside of the case are missing.
    Additional information: Kenner product the Glamour Gals line from 1980-1982. These miniature dolls stood only 4 ½” tall, had rooted hair and a fabulous wardrobe.
    Could be used for similar sized dolls.

  9. American Indian Barbie 14715

    American Stories Collection 1996

    American Indian Barbie 14715

    $10.00 CND

    Stock photo. Box has wear.

  10. Happy Birthday Barbie 1980

    Happy Birthday Barbie 1980

    $29.00 CND


    Box has a just a little wear.