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Barbie & Secondary Market Dolls

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Jewelry Pak 112

    Jewelry Pak 112

    $5.00 CND

    Party pink set with bright pink ankle boots as well as a bangle bracelet, pink plastic choker, earrings, thick black bracelet with pink starts on it and 2 coil bracelets (one pink, one orange).

  2. Necklace Assortment for Tyler

    Necklace Assortment for Tyler

    $5.00 CND

    5 beaded necklaces and a beaded bracelet for Tyler, Gene and similar sized dolls.

  3. Beaded Necklaces (Gene etc)

    Beaded Necklaces (Gene etc)

    $3.00 CND

    3 beaded necklaces for Tyler, Gene or similar sized dolls.

  4. Christina Aguilera + 2 Hilary Duff Dolls

    Christina Aguilera + 2 Hilary Duff Dolls

    $10.00 CND

    This set includes 3 celebrity dolls, as shown, no box.

    Christina Aguilera by Three Wishes Production (circa 1999) – in original fashion (not sure about the shoes).

    Hilary Duff Doll by Rafter H Entertainment (circa 2003) – wearing Barbie skirt and top. (no shoes). Hair a bit messy.

    Hilary Duff Doll by Rafter H Entertainment (circa 2003) – Original fashion with red tee under gold jacket. Includes shoes (not roller skates) . Amazing hair color! (stands are not included)

  5. Exotic Fire Veronique Doll

    Exotic Fire Veronique Doll

    $99.00 CND

    Exotic Fusion Collection 2005

    Includes white shipper box.

    Torso has darkened.

    Monogram tissue has been removed.

  6. Katherine Johnson Barbie - Mathematician

    Katherine Johnson Barbie - Mathematician

    $60.00 CND

    Stock Photo

  7. Winged Monkey Porcelain

    Winged Monkey Porcelain

    $75.00 CND

    Wizard of Oz Porcelain Collection 2001
    Stock Photo – Witch is NOT included.
    Mint in box.

  8. Soccer Barbie-FIFA World Cup

    Soccer Barbie-FIFA World Cup

    $12.00 CND

    Box has some wear

  9. Share A Smile Becky

    Share A Smile Becky

    $20.00 CND

    Some box wear

  10. Disney Mulan

    Disney Mulan

    $25.00 CND

    Disney Secret Hero Mulan by Mattel 1997

    Box has some wear