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Barbie & Secondary Market Dolls

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Princess of Power Mini Comic Book

    Princess of Power Mini Comic Book

    $3.50 CND

    This mini comic book would have been included with the 1984 Mattel She-Ra doll (Princess Andora becomes She-Ra).
    Some wear on cover. English text and then flip it over for French text.

  2. Holiday Millennium Princess Barbie1999

    Holiday Doll 1999

    Holiday Millennium Princess Barbie1999

    $15.00 CND

    Stock Photo.

    Box has some wear.

  3. Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie

    Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie

    $20.00 CND

    Stock Photo. Good Box.

  4. Hangers - 22 Assorted Vintage

    Hangers - 22 Assorted Vintage

    $4.50 CND

    21 assorted Barbie vintage doll hangers as in various colors.

  5. Crown - Ken Scale (3)

    Crown - Ken Scale (3)

    $5.00 CND

    3 plastic ‘gold’ and 'silver" crowns for Ken or similar sized dolls. (Will fit Barbie too)

  6. Spoons (3)

    Spoons (3)

    $0.50 CND

    3 Barbie-scale plastic spoons.

  7. Popcorn Theatre Box

    Popcorn Theatre Box

    $1.00 CND

    Large “Box of Theatre Popcorn”.
    Perfect for customizing with your own label (or paint).

  8. Dr Barbie 1993

    Dr Barbie 1993

    $15.00 CND

    Box has wear and a few dings on the acetate. Still fine for display. 
    Includes stethoscope that makes the sound of the baby’s heartbeat and stick-on bandaids.

  9. Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    Necklace -Orange/Black/Diamond

    $2.50 CND
    Sale Price Price: $5.00

    Double strand beaded necklace with 2 gold ‘diamond’ studded accent bands.
    Fits Barbie and similar sized dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)

  10. Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    Necklace - 3 Strand (For Barbie or Tyler)

    $2.50 CND
    Sale Price Price: $5.00

    Double strand of sparkling crystal-like beads with 3 ‘pearls’ in the front.
    Fits Barbie or Tyler type dolls.
    (Made by Integrity Toys)