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Barbie & Secondary Market Dolls

Items in this section are pre-owned and have been purchased on the Secondary Market rather than direct from the manufacturer. Please carefully read descriptions for box condition and similar type information.

  1. Top Model Barbie Hair Wear Doll

    Top Model Barbie Hair Wear Doll

    $30.00 CND

    Includes Hair Wear Extensions Clips, Hairbrush and Display Stand. Great Box.

    ModelMuse body.

  2. Toys R Us Times Square Barbie

    Toys R Us Times Square Barbie

    $32.00 CND

    Includes great Barbie-scale toys; See ‘n Say, Uno, Magic 8 Ball and Rock-a-Stack’.

    Excellent box BUT the “Rock-a-Stack’ activity toy is loose in the box (elastic has broken). Box is still factory sealed.

  3. NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr Barbie

    NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr Barbie

    $35.00 CND

    Barbie Loves Sports Collection 2007

    Wal-Mart Exclusive

    Designer: Sharon Zuckerman

    Release Date: 12/1/2006

    Stock Photo. Good box.

  4. California Girl Barbie 2003

    California Girl Barbie  2003

    $15.00 CND

    California Girl Collection 2003

    Great Box

  5. California Girl Lea 2003

    California Girl Lea  2003

    $15.00 CND

    California Girl Collection 2003

    Great Box

  6. Sweet 16 Barbie (B)

    Sweet 16 Barbie (B)

    $22.00 CND

    Great body, all arms and legs move.

    Soft hair and a pretty face. One arm is broken but it stays on the doll pretty good (you can glue it if you want). One leg is off and we’ll leave it up to you if you want to glue it back on. (Attached arm and leg still move.)

    Includes promotional extra fashion (shorts and tank top). Also includes make-up compact, brush, comb, applicator, 2 barrettes and 1 sticker sheet (as shown in photo).

  7. Malibu PJ Nude (B)

    Malibu PJ Nude (B)

    $10.00 CND

    #1187 Circa 1972

    Sun Set Collection

    As shown, nude.

    Legs have ‘spread’ a bit. Cut on the bottom of one foot. Hair is coarse (brittle looking). Pinprick on forehead (hair covers) and a teeny tiny pale mark on one ear.

  8. Ballerina Barbie 1975

    Ballerina Barbie 1975

    $19.00 CND

    #9093 Circa 1975

    Doll as shown, no box.

    Hair is a bit messy. Face is great.

    Body looks fabulous (legs are a bit swinging at the hips).

    Ballet slippers – the closure on one slipper is broken (and taped).

    Pink rose instead of red roses.

  9. Best Buy One-Pc PJ’s with Feet (Barbie)

    Best Buy One-Pc PJ’s with Feet (Barbie)

    $5.00 CND

    #7203 Circa 1975

    Excellent and complete.

    A few stitches missing on the waist and a few marks on the back, otherwise great.. Such a cute fashion.

  10. Good Sports Fashion

    Good Sports Fashion

    $20.00 CND

    #3351 Circa 1972

    Excellent with replacement running shoes. Includes rose colored sunglasses and hard to find belt.